Why Choose a CWM uPVC Door?

CWM uPVC doors provide a stylish and practical choice when it comes to enhancing the look of your home. Our extensive range will improve the appearance of your home, reduce the need for maintenance and improve security. All our uPVC doors incorporate a reinforced frame that makes them strong, and hard to break down. 

Our doors are also designed to withstand to the harshest weather and, unlike some cheaper alternatives, they will not bend and go out of shape. Each door is specifically measured to fit your home which gives a neat finish whilst reducing noise and saving on energy bills

Our doors are available in three colours, white, rosewood and oak.  You have a choice of handles and letterbox, silver, gold, white and black, all included in the price.  No hidden extras. We are not the cheapest but we are the best and honour our 10-year guarantee. There are over twenty doors on display in our showroom at Parkhead Forge Market.

CWM uPVC doors require minimal care and maintenance. A simple wipe down with warm soapy water and an occasional lubrication of the hinges and locking mechanism is all that is required to keep your doors looking as good as new and in perfect working order.

Compared to aluminium and wooden external doors, our uPVC doors are simple to look after and retain their aesthetic appeal much longer. Our in-house installation team will ensure your uPVC door is fitted to the highest standard and our 10-year guarantee across the range will give you peace of mind that your door will last for many years to come

Your Home, Your Choice

  • Choose from 3 colours (White, rosewood and Oak)
  • Choose your handle and letterbox from 4 colours  (Silver, Gold, White & Black)
  • Choose a design for your glass or create your own
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