Why Choose a CWM Composite Door?

CWM Composite doors are meticulously measured to your own specific door size resulting in a perfect fit that maximises security and minimises heat loss. Our range includes the most technologically advanced doors on the market which will not warp or twist regardless of the weather conditions.

The Composite doors incorporate materials such as Carbon Fibre and Aluminium to further strengthen and reinforce the door resulting in a very strongenergy efficient unit that can better withstand attempts to gain access whilst ensuring little heat loss

Because of the design and construction, coupled with expert installation, our Composite doors are more durable than a traditional timber or uPVC door and provide much greater sound insulation.

We have an extensive range of colours and designs to choose from allowing you to create that individual feel to your home. Our composite doors require very little maintenance, apart from an occasional clean with warm soapy water. If you’re looking to find a new door and new look for your home that will provide greater security, maximum thermal efficiency and last for many years to come, then look no further than a CWM Composite door.



Do you want to feel your home is secure when you are in or out?
Does your current door feel flimsy or not sturdy enough?
Have others in your street been targeted and been burgled? This is just 3 important safety reasons to choose a CWM composite door – Offering extremely high security, without sacrificing the element of convenience. Our glass provides added extra security and with one turn of your key your composite door is locked at several points keeping you and your family safe!


A composite door comes in so many designs and colours your door will undoubtedly be a talking point and you will want it to retain its looks for a considerable time.
More Traditional Timber and some uPVC doors soon begin to fade, discolour and warp when exposed to the elements and can quickly look old and tired.
By investing in a CWM Composite Door, you are Guaranteed that your door will retain its looks for many years to come and look as good as the day you bought it.


As you know, our climate in Scotland is renowned for being harsh and at times, severe

Do you long for a door that;
– Keeps out the cold and draughts
– Can reduce your energy bills
– Is hard-wearing against both summer and winter elements
– Is ultimately, weather resistant

Just a few energy efficient reasons to choose a CWM composite door


Is your door looking weather beaten, faded, out of shape or is simply rotting?

A CWM Composite Door will avoid all of the above and retain its looks regardless of the weather/climate that is thrown at it.

Why Choose CWM?

  • We accurately measure
  • We offer impartial advice
  • We only use of own Fitting team
  • We GUARANTEE all product



Browsing for doors and unable to find something that looks different or unique? Are you wanting something different to your neighbours?

Here’s what a CWM Composite door allows you to do:
– Choose from an extensive range of colours
– Choose from a range of traditional or contemporary designs
– Choose from a range of glazing options – Lead & Film, Resin Bevels, Glass 
Bevels, Glass Tiles or even Triple Glazed
– Choose from a wide range of Handles, Letterplates, Hinges, Knockers & Pull Bars,
– Choose a combination unique to you.

View our brochures to help you pick your style of door and colour – Rockdoor /  Virtuoso

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